ANSANA Logistics

ANSANA Logistics seamlessly provides one-stop logistics management solutions and contract logistics, tailor-made, with high performance, to today’s supply chain management requirements. We provide logistic solutions for turnkey project management giving a tremendous advantage to our customers


Our fleet of Superlinks (32 – 34 tones) and Tri-Axle trucks (28 – 30 tones) drive daily between Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town and routed across the border reaching all SADC countries within Sub-Saharan Africa as well as the DRC.

No matter what the industry or region, ANSANA caters to individual requirements. ANSANA prides itself in ensuring customer satisfaction with the highest level of efficiency and control. Our deep sector knowledge means we can design the best possible supply chain for your business.


Critical factors contributing to our success:

  • End to end solutions: When you need end-to-end support from your logistics partner, ANSANA can deliver the complete service.

  • Freight management: Our track record in freight management is second to none. Whatever the consignment, whatever the method, we deliver a service that is flexible, reliable and cost-effective.

  • Operations excellence: Our persistent focus in improving process means quicker implementation, efficient operations, flexible and consistent and better management.

  • Efficiency and Safety: Active monitoring through our tracking system ensures efficiency and safety.

  • Always connected: 24/7 customer hotline

Our Fleet

ANSANA Logistics’ fleet consists of:

  • 10 Tri Axles and 49 Super Links

  • 59 Truck and Trailer combinations covering following regions:

    • Zimbabwe

    • Zambia

    • Mozambique

    • Botswana

    • Democratic Republic of Congo

    • Malawi

    • Namibia

    • Angola

  • Flat deck trailers equipped to carry cargo containers

We maintain compliance on all levels:

  • GIT cover for all our vehicles

  • Regular in-house maintenance on all vehicles to ensure our vehicles are in prime condition

  • A member of the NBCRFI (National Bargaining Council for Road Freight Industry)

  • Compliant with all requirements for Cross Border Haulage

  • Our entire fleet comes fitted with tracking devices