ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. is one of Africa’s leading logistics companies.

Based in South Africa, ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. first started off as an importer and exporter in 2001 and since 2004, has changed its focus into Logistics and Clearing & Forwarding in South Africa and Africa. By providing competitive rates along with outstanding levels of service, ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. is one of the most sought after Logistics Company in South Africa.

ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. provides end-to-end design, implementation and operational capabilities in:

  • Cross border Logistics - Specializing in Sub Sahara Africa

  • Customs clearance

  • Delivery and freight insurance on imports and exports​

  • Warehousing 

We offer every customer a service tailored to their specific needs, built on our formidable experience across a broad range of market sectors. We have particular expertise in FMCG & Pharmaceutical Goods, Raw Materials & Building Industry and Perishables.