Mission Statement

  • To strive for service excellence by providing a thorough, round-the-clock professional service

  • To ensure the best quality in service, while being competitive, benefiting our customers

  • To be compliant with international and local laws and maintain ethical standards of conducting business

  • Our Vision

  • Portfolio: Build a portfolio of services that is in the domain of our strengths and our ability to be the best at it.

  • Business Excellence: Achieving excellence in our business’s profitability while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

  • Beyond Service: Going beyond the perceived notions of service to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

  • Values Driven: Be a value driven business, expressing our and your values in all our actions.

    • We provide personalized services with professional advice & guidance.

    • We manage the number of customers, enabling us to provide personalized services.

    • Our entire fleet comes with tracking system which increases safety and eliminates errors.

    • We provide accurate reports on each step of the process.

    • We are flexible to accommodate our customers’ needs time after time.

    • We maintain strict confidentiality with all our customers.

    • We are available 24/7 - After Hour Hotline – 083 716 1647.

    • We provide appropriate and most suitable packaging to ensure the safety of cargo.

    • Marking of Cargo – As per International Standard of Cargo Marking to prevent incorrect handling, accidents, incorrect delivery, losses of weight and volume and Customs fines.

    • We maintain the trust of our clients by providing physical proof of export.

    • We ensure that all our processes and operations are compliant with maritime and other statutory requirements.

    • We provide all our clients with necessary and critical information about Freight rates, insurance premiums, costs of export/import, technical aspects of international forwarding, etc.

    Our management team believes in a hands-on approach to both, long term expansion plans of ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. and in managing the day-to-day operations of our core business activities, while adhering to our core values of accountability and responsibility.

    ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. provides a great work environment and has been rated as a LEVEL THREE CONTRIBUTOR by EMPOWERDEX

    Our team consists of highly reliable, professional, skillful management and staff, with high levels of dedication and responsibility towards providing an excellent service to our esteemed customers.

    ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. is a wholly black empowered company, owned by (from left to right) is Mr. Naveen Ramcharrun (Managing Director), Ms. Hasina Wariawa (Operations Director) and Mr. Nanda Naynar (Financial Director) .

    Hands-on in both the expansion of ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. and the day-to-day management of our core business activities, we actively demonstrate the true meaning of “integrity”, “accountability” and “transparency”. For us, this is key to building loyal relationships with our suppliers, customers, business associates and our staff.

    We aim to be the best in customer service within the industry. We strive to keep our customers’ best interests by building efficiency, effectiveness and reliability in operations.

  • Ambitious: Striving to be the best in the business by providing the best rates, ensuring speed to market and the flexibility in delivery.

  • Responsibility: With each client and project being unique, we ensure that we assist our clients at every step of the process ensuring that completion is reached after each operation.

  • Accountability: We at ANSANA are driven by principles of ethical business approach, respect and dignity for individuals and believe that we must be accountable to our clients at every stage and at all times.

  • Evolve: We make progressive use of technology to achieve functional excellence in our work and create sustainable value for clients, while being flexible to match the changing dynamics in the import, export and logistic industries.

  • ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. is one of Africa’s leading logistics companies.

    Based in South Africa, ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. first started off as an importer and exporter in 2001 and since 2004, has changed its focus into Logistics and Clearing & Forwarding in South Africa and Africa. By providing competitive rates along with outstanding levels of service, ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. is one of the most sought after Logistics Company in South Africa.

    ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd. provides end-to-end design, implementation and operational capabilities in:

  • Cross border Logistics - Specializing in Sub Sahara Africa

  • Customs clearance

  • Delivery and freight insurance on imports and exports

  • Forwarding for sea and air freight

  • Warehousing and Packaging

  • We offer every customer a service tailored to their specific needs, built on our formidable experience across a broad range of market sectors. We have particular expertise in FMCG & Pharmaceutical Goods, Raw Materials & Building Industry and Perishables.

    About Us

    Entrepreneurial by nature and proactive in our approach to business development, ANSANA Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a rapidly growing company that leverages the commercial opportunities offered by Africa and other emerging markets.

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    P: +27 11 046 6500

    E: info@ansana.co.za

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